About us

Call Researcher Science Society is small science research society that brings together researchers from several countries.Established in 2010 and then we had about 10 members. Today we have 56 researchers around the world. We are non-profit organisation and this website you can use for free without any commissions or fees.

Technology, engineering and science play a major role, and we promote it to extend the development of imaginative solutions and understanding the world to shared issues. Universal language of science encourages mutual understanding. It is necessary for economical, secure and more peaceful world.Our daily life is affected by science. Most of our programs consist of activities for developing thorough understanding of science along with its effects upon our lives.

• Our mission – Our main mission is gathering all kinds of science researchers and assisting them of making contact and writing the science research papers together.
• Our vision – Seeing an outline of how we view our science works which progresses and evolves within our vision for future.

The goal of this website is to connect authors of science research papers with coauthors. It is far easier to write a research paper when you have a co-author help you with your paper. When you collaborate with another author, you can have some help with a section that you are having trouble with. You can also have another opinion to make sure that you stay objective in your research.

This is the place where authors and coauthors can find each other. Where science researchers can share their opinions and where they can write science papers that will inspire more research. One of the best parts of working with another author is that it will help you speed up the time that it takes to do your research paper.

Our humble beginnings:
Back in 2010, Joel Settle, needed help from a programmer to analyze some historical data. He could not find what he was looking for. When we were talking about this problem, he asked me to create a webpage to help him with this problem. I created this website and found two people that were willing to help him as co-authors. I helped to create the rules for how the researchers would collaborate with each other. For this problem, several PhD students and myself, created this website in 2011. In 2013, we decided to switch to a new domain and started a new website.
We are proud to announce that 38 research papers have been published from authors that met their co-authors on our website.

In the previous year, we have worked mainly on the finance analysis research and project management projects. Most of our members belong from the science field. However we work in various science fields.

Research & Collaboration
We are enthusiastic of building links along with scientists across the world. It further offers resources for greater establishment and strengthening partnerships. So join us !