Basic steps

Step 1: The first step taken by project leader describes the basic project information, goals and research plan and research methodology.
step 2: The researchers in the next step give their ideas, changes and suggestions regarding the project within 3-5 days.
Step 3 : When the project leader gets all information, then correction is done and all researchers get their task from the project leader. Every researcher gets the full text and provides comments to the project leader.
Step 4 : The last step is proofreading which is based on research articles.

We accept projects from our community, where the people are working on it by using email as a type of communication. If there are certain personal issues among the researchers, then our web site would be mediator and assist the researchers or co-authors for collaborating in a best method. Most of the co-authors require reading as well as work on the entire science paper. If certain parts of the paper are not understandable or are not competent in the field, they the co-authors can provide personal comments and opinions of their own.