How to Find Decent Co-Authors for Science Research Paper – Co-Authorship Teams

Looking for good co-authors for your research paper can be difficult. To help you find the perfect people to help you, here are some ideals to keep in mind when you are looking to find a decent co-author:
1. Make sure that you are a great co-author. Pulling your weight is important when you are expecting others to do the same is always a good idea. This often depends on what stage you are currently in where your career is concerned. If you are a student that is currently studying for your Ph.D., you might have to put in more hours collecting the data that is needed. You may also have to look at what has previously been written. Whatever your level is, you need to make sure that you are providing the help that is expected of you to create the final product.
2. When you comment, make sure to provide comments that are helpful to researches that share a common interest that you have. You have the ability to do this in many different ways. You could thoroughly read the papers that are the topic of discussion at both conferences and workshops. If appropriate, you can comment while in the workshop. Make sure that you give written comments after the workshop.
3. Make sure that you always share your research ideas with the other co-authors that you want to start a project with. If they are interested, you can talk to them about taking a project in that area. Once they fully commit, give them all of the details of the project. Make sure that you contact everyone that is qualified to work on the paper with you no matter how well you know them. Many of the faculty that are currently active will be willing to co-author if the idea seems promising in an area that they are interested in. They will also join if the other co-authors are going to work hard and are motivated to get the paper done. Many potential co-authors may not join because they are already busy with other projects.
4. You will want to have your research paper published in a well-known journal that publishes high quality papers. This is especially important with your dissertation. You will be successful if you can get published in a high quality journal. If you are a sole author looking to get published, you will need to be published in a high quality journal if you want to be seen as a good potential co-author.
5. When you are working on you dissertation for the committee, make sure that you build a solid relationship with both the committee and the other students in the class. You have to prove your worth to them and make them want you to work with them. Make sure to allow them to know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the paper done even if you have to pull late nights getting the research done.